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The Ultrasound Centre is a proud supporter of 'Bloom'! 

What started out as a small steak night fundraiser with the vision to give back and say thank you to the NICU, has now grown into a very successful non-profit organization responsible for organizing events to raise funds for the NICU in Saskatoon. BloomNICU and all it’s events have developed an amazing community of supporters, sponsors and donors all with the vision to continuously raise an donate funds for the NICU, in order to provide the special care required for newborns that may have been born too early, too ill or too small. In 2019 alone, the Evening of Love  fundrasier rasied $71,000 to the Saskatoon NICU - and over $400,000 since their organization began in 2011! 

To find out more about this fantastic organization or the upcoming Evening of Love, please visit their website.

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