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Danielle was born and raised here in Saskatoon where she completed three degrees from the University of Saskatchewan (B Sc in Biochemistry, B Sc Biotechnology, B.A. Psychology) before deciding to pursue Ultrasound! Danielle attended the Canadian National Institute of Health in Ottawa for Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program. In her spare time Danielle likes to keep active, you can find her out for a run, or in a spin or yoga class. Danielle completed her first triathlon in Brockville Ontario during the summer of 2019 and she is looking forward to tackling another one as soon as possible! 

"My ultrasound tech was very nice. She explained everything she was doing and made me feel very comfortable." -LS (2021)

"She was very polite and did a fantastic job. So considerate." 

-CS (2021)

"AMAZING!! Took the time to talk with my 3 year old and build some trust… she let her do the ultrasound on her tummy, then took a break and did some on her new elephant stuffed animal. Finally finished and I couldn’t be happier!! And SHOCKED it went so smoothly! Highly recommend them!!" -CD (2021)




My Favourite Colour:


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